Supervisor: Ian Y. Choi <>
Announced end of poll: Sep 20, 2023 23:45 UTC
Actual time poll closed:
Private poll (13 authorized voters)
Actual votes cast: 8
Number of winning choices:
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CIVS Ranked Pairs

Poll description

Please rank OpenStack OpenStack_Helm Project Team Lead candidates so that your preferred representative appears first/highest in the list. Lower rank numbers indicate higher preference, with "1" as the most preferred. These are not cumulative points. The candidate with greatest Condorcet consensus will be chosen for the office.


1. Vladimir Kozhukalov (kozhukalov)  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Mohammed Naser (mnaser)  loses to Vladimir Kozhukalov (kozhukalov) by 5–3

For simplicity, some details of the poll result are not shown. 

Result details

1. Vladimir Kozhukalov (kozhukalov)   -5
2. Mohammed Naser (mnaser)   3 -

Ballot report

 Vladimir Kozhukalov (kozhukalov) Mohammed Naser (mnaser)
1. 1 2
2. 1 2
3. 2 1
4. 1 2
5. 2 1
6. 1 2
7. 1 2
8. 2 1

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